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♪ nothing beats a family. ♪ no nothing family. ♪ you can look around and you will see. ♪ nothing beats a family. >> a fox news alert and some explosives new fallout on the streets of cairo as thousands of egyptians stage angry demonstrations over a power grab by the country's recently elected president. i'm rick folbalm. >> heather: and i'm heather childers. accusing morsi of an unprecedented attack on the judiciary. and this is after last year's
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revolution and they continued to stage rallies across the country, sparking new fears on the instability in an already volatile part of the world. steve harrigan is streaming live for us from cairo, egypt. steve? >> heather, there's a showdown between egypt' new president, morsi and the chief judges throughout the country say they will not go back to work as long as the president's orders stand, basically putting anything he says, any decree he makes, above the law and not subject to the court and we could have a country where prosecution basically shuts down. as far as the protesters in cairo, they've set up tents on tahrir down from yesterday, 40,000, yesterday afternoon and it turned violent and other cities, xaalexandria and
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police cars set on fire and other fires set as well. the next move in the battle will shape up to be tuesday when supporters of the president plan a march and also protesters, people who feel this president is trying to set himself up as a dictator will march as well. it will be a test of which side can draw the crowds and people and which side as a momentum in a battle so far, neither side is backing down heather. >> now, some background on president morsi's rise to power. he was elected on june 24th, 2012 with a strong mandate, winning more than 51% of the vote. and as a leader of the muslim brotherhood, he was the first islamist elected to be the head of an arab state. from the outset, morsi has been plagued with accusations that his party wants to monopolize the political landscape and sharia law and
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it's based on strict islamic principles. and later on in this hour, ambassador john boulton will join us live about the growing events in egypt and shaking transition to democracy and the mideast peace process as a whole. that's straight ahead. first, tens of thousands of children in the gaza strip now going back to school as the fragile cease-fire between hamas and israel appears to be holding, as families on both sides of the border pick up the pieces after week long strikes. connor powell is in jerusalem with the latest on that, connor? >> well, rick, three days now into the cease-fire, it appears to be holding and the threat of allout war between israel and hamas appears to be subsiding rapidly and there are signs that life is returning to normal here in the holy land for the first time in more than a week, children have gone back to school in both israel and in gaza. yesterday, children in southern israel returned for their school classroom work,
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and this comes ales stores and markets are beginning to reopen in southern israel as we speak. and across the border in gaza, palestinian children returning today to school the first time in more than a week as the cleanup there is beginning. now, one of the big points of the cease-fire agreement is easing of the blockade around gaza and for the first time what that means, a lot of ambiguity around that statement and for the first time we're seeing palestinian fishermen being able to fish off the coast of gaza, a restricted activity under the previous sort of engagement rules before this cease-fire went into effect. and now seeing fishermen take their boats out and fish off the coast of gaza and another big point of the change here in the last three days or so, is the fact that israeli troops have moved off the border and now it's just small groups of palestinian and hamas security officials and israeli troops patrolling that joint border between israel een just in
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the past 72 hours, now, it isn't clear what's going to happen in the future, but both sides, israel and hamas are meeting with egyptian officials to try to work out some type of long-term agreement to keep the cease-fire going and israel and hamas will not speak directly to each other, but they are certainly passing information and negotiating through egypt and the united states, and there is still a lot of skepticism as to whether or not this is a long-term agreement that can be held up, but there is certainly hope, a small bit of optimism here that there's something that can be built off of this. >> connor powell live in jerusalem for us, connor, thanks so much. >> meanwhile, the body of former palestinian leader yasser arafat will be exhumed to determine whether he was poisoned. the detection of a radioactive substance found on his clothes is reopening the investigation, arafat died in 2004 after falling suddenly ill. a palestinian officials believe that israel was behind his death.
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allegations that israel denies. arafat will be reburied on the same day that he's exhumed. and the former leader was considered the face of the palestinian struggle more than 40 years, there's no guarantee his remains will help solve the mystery. >> back home now, and the fast approaching so-called fiscal cliff, which the thanksgiving holiday over, the president and top lawmakers are focusing this coming week on negotiating a deal on those expiring tax cuts and spending reductions that will automatically kick in december 31st, at midnight. so will we see more face-to-face meetings and what do both sides need to do? let's talk with angela mcglowan, and mark hammond a former aid to john kerry and nice to see you both. i predict more face-to-face meetings and i think they'll get together, kind of like holiday dinners, you see a lot of people you might not choose to see, but you have to see them, right. >> you have to see them and
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you might not want to see them again for another year, but, he yes, rick, they have to come to the table again and again and again until we reach a deal. if we go off the fiscal cliff, it's predicted that we will get another recession, now they're saying if we go off the fiscal cliff it only impact certain americans with taxes increasing and it will affect our country and economy. and we need face-to-face meetings and i don't think that obamacare should be on the table. >> you do not think that obamacare should be on the table. >> no. >> i don't think that obamacare should be on the table. it's the number one priority for the lawmakers right now whether you're a democrat or a republican, this should be priority number one, it's when john boehner had the new freshman tea partiers come in in 2010 and facing the debt ceiling, he characterized the first adult moment for the new freshmen congressmen and i think this is the second adult
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moment. can we get beyond party politics and rigid ideology and come with a compromise that will benefit the american people? we need both to look seriously at spending cuts and revenue generation for the country right now. >> all right, so let's-- >> and let's put a couple of ideas on the table and angela, i'm surprised you would say obamacare should not be on the block, and what do you think should be on the block? what kind of-- if we're talking about spending here, where would you want to make cuts, angela? >> well, first of all, we should cut the wasteful spending that we have with the department of education, with the department of energy, i can go down the list, but rick, the reason why i don't want obamacare on the table. it will politicize this process, in 2010 congress had referendum on obamacare and that's why the republicans took over and we don't need to politicize the issue, but also, we need to perform entitlement programs. i know it's not a great issue to discuss, but programs are
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going to go bankrupt so we need to reform welfare, we need to reform medicare, medicaid, we need to cut spending. and that's why we should start. >> mark, i know that democrats would love to start with the pentagon as far as cutting spending, but what about entitlement reform? do the democrats need to be willing to sit down at the table and talk about some of their sacred cows? >> yeah, democrats are going to have to cut things that are uncomfortable for democrats to cut just like republicans will. >> rick: like what? >> as you mentioned, well, let me first take issue with something that angela said, education, i don't know whether she characterizes that as entitlement. >> no, i don't, okay, well, good, good. >> energy is not entitlement either. >> no, okay. >> and my sister is a teacher as well. >> so we need, okay, we're on board with that then, but i think that, look, you have the pentagon and military spending in this country, in this country is greater than or equal to all other countries in the industrialized world combined and you know, we're giving.
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>> rick: i know, i know, we know democrats want to cut military spending, take me where democrats would and should be willing to cut? >> there are a number of things across the table that -- it's not just about cutting with an ax, it's sort of going in with a scalpel and removing inefficiencies. >> think of it if your family had a debt problem. the credit cards are up. you want to find ways that you can reduce things, spending on things you don't necessarily need and you need to also let's focus on this part of it, which is revenue generation and new sources of income and making money so that you can pay down your debt and that's exactly what we should focus on. >> let me help you out. >> as for welfare reform and cutting spending, what you should do is give companies tax breaks for job training programs, increase that, so we can take people off the welfare dole. that will cut spending, into working, take them off of food
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stamps and actually getting a job. so, that's what we could give more tax cuts, more tax breaks to corporations, that create these job training programs. >> okay, and i can't believe i'm listening to this, rick. >> rick: less than a minute, go ahead and respond. >> okay, but poor people in this country have it too good and we need to give tax cuts to corporations. >> that's not what i said. >> that's exactly what you said. >> that's not what i said. >> and when we've never had this big a gap between the rich and middle class in this country we need to look at reforming corporate welfare not getting poor people-- >> angela do you want to respond to this before we run out of time. >> now what it's sad that liberals want to treat the poor as second class citizens keep them on the federal plantation, just come vote for us and get a free check. give people a job to give them integrity and dignity. >> rick: angela. >> people are looking for jobs right now. 8% unemployment almost. >> rick: this started off really, really nicely
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somewhere along the lines we went off the rails a little bit, but we have a couple more weeks to talk about this. we'll have you both back on and enjoy the holiday weekend and thanks so much for your time. >> thanks, angela. >> heather: you started off with thanksgiving dinner and relatives you don't want to see not that there are family members you don't want to see. >> rick: not in my family. >> heather: not ever. well, in other news, charitable donations are usually tax deductible, but with the looming fiscal cliff there are rum bls of big changes and they could impact how much people give. needless to say charities are very concerned. chief national correspondent jim angle reports from washington. >> reporter: thanksgiving, a time to relish one's blessings and to help the less fortunate, but in the scramble for revenues to avoid the fiscal cliff, both the president's plan to raise taxes on the wealthy and the republican willingness to raise revenues could end up hurting charities which rely on the kindness of people with
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money. >> high income people tend to give generous gifts, they he may give a million dollar contribution to a capital campaign of a local hospital or a local art museum, there's a small number of donors at the high end that account for a really big chunk of the charitable giving in this country and those are the folks that would be most impacted by this tax policy change. >> in fact, united way gives 15% of total donations, 500 million dollars a year from those who give $10,000 or more. so, charities worry that any kind of tax increase on the wealthy could cut into their donations, that money from the wealthy would go to the government in taxes instead of the charities as donations. if they're the not taxed on that income then they're able to give to charities and nonprofits, back to their communities. >> reporter: after all, people have to pay their mortgages and other did he
10:14 am
ductab deductible expenses, but don't have to give to charity. >> the tax incentive is not why people do it. it just impacts how much they have to give. >> reporter: republicans argue against increased tax rates for year it will hit small business owners who file as individuals. they prefer a limit on deduction, a cap on what they can claim. you can take anything you want, but not more than 50,000. >> in addition to tax increases on the wealthy, the president has his own plan on did he duc deductions. >> 28%. >> if you were in the 33 to 35% tax bracket. you could only deduct 28% say charitable contributions. >> charities don't care what form it takes, they're so worried about the tax plans affecting the wealthy they're going to converge on washington to tell them to
10:15 am
spare charities no matter what else they do. >> it's called political correctness run amok, a new report the obama administration refused to call al-qaeda and terrorism by its name. we'll talk about that. >> heather: a sad day in tv history. larry hagman, playing dallas character jr ewing dies at age 81. we're live from hollywood. >> and an explosion levels buildings in one state. what caused this blast as witnesses describe the horrific scene. . >> you heard the boom and startled for a moment and then hear screaming and everybody within the buildings are screaming and you're trying to figure out what happened to cause a building to shake like that. now we need a little bit more... [ male announcer ] at humana, we understand the value of quality time and personal attention.
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>> welcome back. time for a quick check of the headlines for you. former boxer hector macho commacho commachoo, he was shot in the face and his mother made the decision to take him off life support. the fbi arresting a fugitive on the ten most wanted list
10:20 am
and the suspected drug cartel member, hitman wanted for four murders and multiple charges in in country and he was captured in mexico on this tuesday. and investigators looking into the cause after major gas explosion, this happened in springfield, massachusetts. the blast injured several people and leveled two buildings, no fatalities. >> small businesses around the country are hoping to see a boost in holiday sales today. it's small businesses saturday. mom and pop shots urging customers to buy local. after the devastation called by superstorm sandy, businesses in the new york area need a holiday spark. and anna kooiman is on long island. great to see you. >> reporter: great to see you as well, rick. today is, i was going to say superstorm sandy-- it's actually small business saturday and it's very important this year, more significant than ever because of superstorm sandy.
10:21 am
now, the owner of this gift shop here, rumors in long island say that sandy could not have hit at a worst time. during the last three months of the year she gets 40% of her sales and she's going to have a tough time making that up. customers are more concerned about necessities than presents. >> a lot of our customers, the babylon, west side, they're out of their homes and living with relatives and all over the place and they're trying to meet with fema, meet with insurance people, meet with restorers. they have no time to shop. they're busy trying to put their lives back together again. >> well, from staten island to long island, local businesses are urging customers to give back to their local communities and help provide neighborhoods ravaged by the storm. and last year, 100 million people participated in the growing event. and the economic impact has been estimated by moody's in the 50 billion dollar range and 12 billion in new york
10:22 am
city alone. about 20 billion from the total from lost economic activity and for example, airlines, canceling flights, restaurants, not serving meals and casinos not taking bets. shop owners are hoping that small business saturday will help their bottom line. >> we're closed for ten days, which is a major, you know, freakout, when the rent's here, not low. >> reporter: and the mom and pop shops are getting a boost on this small business saturday. this morning, new york city mayor michael bloomberg announcing grants being made available for businesses most impacted by superstorm sandy. >> anna, live in babylon, new york, thanks so much. >> president morsi's stunning power grab stunning them across egypt as well today and john bolton and whether egypt could be slipping back into a dictatorship and what that means for stability in the
10:23 am
rest of the region. >> and south of the vatican, who the pope has chosen to be part of a committee ultimately responsible for naming his successor, new cardinals ahead. >> heather: and the man behind one of the biggest television mysteries passed away. a look at the life and career of a man who made a name for himself playing jr ewing, on the hot show "dallas". >> jr. this is your style, my wife and the man who put cliff barnes in office. >> you were in plenty of trouble before you got married, i don't understand why you think she'd change. hey, wait a minute. >> stop! >> both of you! or i'll beat the hell out of you! st he to eat of your heart healthy diet. step 1. eat the soup. all those veggies and beans, that's what may help lower your cholesterol and -- well that's easy [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. is efficiently absorbed in small continuous amounts.
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>> a fox news alert on our top story for you. a live like at tahrir square in egypt where we've learned that judges and judiciary officials are called on to
10:28 am
strike in protest over president morsi's new power grab following days of growing unrest in the violent and wide protests that the country has seen since the height of the arab spring, creating serious concerns for members of the international community. and ambassador john bolton is a fox news contributor and former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. thank you for joining us, first of all. >> glad to be with you. >> heather: i want to get your reaction, first off with the latest developments coming from egypt along with the call from the judges, we also have a call from the opposition leader mohammed el baradei saying there will be no dialog with the president until the new powers are rescinded. what do you think is happening? >> well, what we've got here is not exactly a rule of law situation coming unglued. the judges have been very political actors, morsi looks at them as the people who
10:29 am
involui invalidated the egyptian parliament and muslim brotherhood and radical islamicists. what we've got here is competition between basically illegitimate groups who hold power and that's what this struggle is about. >> heather: do you see a potential for a civil war between the groups to break out? >> i don't think that mohamed el baradei represents many people nor do the judges. what the judges reflect is that portion of the population that thought hosni mubarak's regime brought stability to the country and that's why they supported it. the real issue here, i think, is whether morsi comes into confrontation with the egyptian military. he's been trying to pack the military with muslim brotherhood sympathizer by rank and by and large decades of system and training from the the united states, although they obviously supported mubarak, former
10:30 am
commander of the air force, they are much more responsive to the united states trying to preserve some possibility here for a legitimate representative government in egypt and i think that's where the clash may come in the coming days. >> that brings in question the timing of morsi's announcement. 24 hours after announcing the cease-fire between israel and hamas he grants himself these near absolute powers, egypt's highest body of judges, they're calling this an unprecedented assault, but is it unprecedented and should it really be a surprise? >> well, it should come as no surprise at all except to people who operated under the dilution that the muslim brotherhood was a moderate political organization, that would abide by democratic norms i mean, let's not forget the muslim brotherhood has been around for many, many years and it's responsible for the assassination of anwar sadat in 1981, because he had negotiated the camp david peace accords with israel and
10:31 am
that's how mubarak came to power. he was wounded in at that same attack, so, the brotherhood has a very radical ideology and they played the democratic game. morsi was elected by what most observers say was a free and fair election, but that doesn't mean he believes in the rule of law and democratic principles or anything else. he sees himself as following the muslim brotherhood precepts and he took advantage of that cease-fire announcement. he didn't wait, but one day before moving here, so, whether he had a wink and a nod from president obama or whether he simply felt emboldened in the wake of the gaza cease-fire to believe that the u.s. wouldn't really criticize him or do anything major to stop this power grab, i think, we'll have to find out here in the next few days, but the timing is not coincidental, you can bet on that. >> it was a pro democracy movement that ousted long time president hosni mubarak, as you mentioned backed by the
10:32 am
military which allowed him to keep hold of his role. do you see this as possibly a movement toward sharia law? >> i think it's clearly a move toward sharia law, but i don't believe that the ouster was brought about by entirely democratic force, it was brought by about anti-mubarak forces, and i think that the muslim brotherhood which came late to the administrations saw it as a tactical opportunity to remove their nemesis, who repressed them for 30 years, they got him out and they got mechanisms set up for elections which they then took advantage of. so the dupes are the pro western liberals who were outmaneuvered first by mubarak and now being outman ufrdz by the muslim brotherhood entirely predictably. >> heather: and thank you, ambassador bolten, using the
10:33 am
word duped for us. thank you. >> thank you. >> rick: the obama's refusal to identify enemies of the state as terrorists. according to the u.s. government accountability office one of the main problems stems from the justice department. peter doocy is live in d.c. with the details. >> reporter: and rick, this government accountability office report says the department of homeland security does a fine job of identifying and communicating to its state and local partners what they should be concentrating on during training programs on countering violent extremism, but the justice department has not identified what topics should be covered and that's not good because as this report points out from the gao, misinformation about the threat and dynamics of radicalization to violence can harm security by sending local state holders in the wrong direction and potential problems with potential community partners. some numbers to know from that report. 210, the number of violent
10:34 am
islamic extremists known to have radicalized in north america between 1989 and 2011 and 80%, the amount of them who began their radicalization after 9/11, senator susan collins, republican from maine who commissioned this report along with connecticut independent senator joe lieberman says the doj needs to adapt now. a good example where they're falling behind is their lessons avoiding incidents similar to the 2009 fort hood shooting which the administration still refers to as workplace violence. >> in order for us to counter this threat, to better understand its roots and how it may develop among certain people in our own country, we have to be willing to name the threat to understand it, in order to counter it. and in order to devise effective strategies, to counter one of the greatest threats that our nation still
10:35 am
faces. >> and the keys to making the justice department better in that regard, according to the gao, are identification of what law enforcement should focus their training on, and communication of those things to partners across the country. rick. >> rick: peter doocy in washington, peter, thanks. >> well, pope benedict xvi crowning new princes of the catholic church. a group of cardinals who will take part ultimately naming his successor, but they say they're breaking the mold. >> the crowning of six new cardinals and pope benedict is putting the seal on the papacy and the decade to follow. appointed over half of the men who will vote for his successor, cardinals stand out for what they're not. they're not european or a nal where the church is growing in the south.
10:36 am
hail from india, lebanon, guyyegu nigeria and the united states. and signals how important it is to the catholic church for the need to help stabilize it for the future. >> it's emphasizing the importance of the middle east and putting someone in there who really i think is a peace maker and is willing to dialog with all the different parties. i think that's very important. >> now, although the post is in relatively good health at 85 years old. he's slowing downward and very aware of his mortality and happening a year after the previous one says that benedict is eager to keep the college of cardinals at 120, the number needed to vote for the next pope may likely be someone who he has chosen. >> benedict has put a stamp not only on the college of cardinals, but on the bishops he's been appointing around the world and that is part of his legacy and it will be interesting to see how that
10:37 am
plays out. >> now, a bit of controversy about the lone american in the cardinals, archbishop michael harvey, the direct superior of the pope's disgraced former butler who is serving time for stealing the pope's private papers and cardinal harvey is seeing a lateral move away from the pope's inner circle. >> lauren green live for us from the new york studios, thank you. >> how are you viewing oil, you need money to support you, and build you up to stardom. >> and in return? >> i get 25% of your earnings from all sources and exclusive use of your services for as long as i want them. >> 10%. >> done. ♪
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>> and a villain, wasn't he? he could forgot actor larry hagman and sparked one of the biggest mysteries in television and today we're sad to report that the man known as jr ewing on the hit show dallas passed away at 81 years of age. >> reaction from fellow cast members and regions of fans, hi, dominic. >> a character that iconic, a lot of people around the world paying tribute. and after dying at 81-year-olds at cancer, and fans are expressing sadness at the passing of one of tv's memorable icons. >> he had a great career. he was jr and he was i dream of jeanie and he was you know, a big, big celebrity. a big star. >> everybody knows about dallas. it's an american icon. >> and everybody knew about jr. >> oh, who shot jr.
10:39 am
how many parodies, who shot jr. >> it was ground breaking tv. >> something you grow up with, you know, and it's just a memory you have of him working on those shows, like i dream of jeanie and dallas, you know, and i know he had come back to do another show of dallas and had a great success with that. so, it's doubly sad. >> fellow actors from dallas and other series remembering today, especially linda gray who played his wife sue ellen, with him in the last moments of his life and larry brought joy to everyone he knew, he was creative and generous, funny, loving and talented and i'll miss him enormously, patrick duffy who played the nice guy and the brother bobby said friday, i lost one of the greatest friends ever to grace my life. he was a fighter in the
10:40 am
gentlist way, and to say anything more at this juncture is just too soon, a lot of pain there. and hagman first reached stardom on the comedy "i dream of jeanie", and the agent for barbara eden said she was too grief stricken to make a comment, but described him as a texas tornado and cannot completely expression the shock and impact from the news and i can honestly say we have lost not just a great actor not just a great television icon, but an element of the pure americana and fans remembering him all over the web today. in fact, we got a comment on my facebook page for someone mo met him a couple of times, a guy who would answer his own phone in malibu and rode a motorcycle into his 70's, fond memories there, back to you guys. >> rick: dominic di-natale in los angeles, thanks for the look back. >> heather: coming up, we're keeping a close eye on the
10:41 am
mideast, a look at cairo's ta tahrr square. >> rick: and predictions that shopping sales could be less than in year's past and what kind of impact would that have on our struggling economy? we'll take a look at that. [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ] [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it... in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. great taste. mmm... [ male announcer ] sounds good.
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>> one of the busiest shopping weekends of the year and we await the results of the black friday, is not expected to be as strong as past year and national retail federation expecting sales to grow just over 4%, not as much as last year and the group expects 147 million people to shop through sunday, tomorrow and that's down 5 million from 152 million during the same weekend last year, so, what would this drop mean for our overall economy? michael see more is the uni. were you out there?
10:46 am
>> i was out there, as a matter of fact. >> what did you see? >> well, mine was, you just had a good piece on the effects of super storm sandy and i was at three stores, two of them hardware stores and my purchases were confined to repair items for my house and wind damage, so, maybe different sections of retail initially are going to benefit? >> all right. i wonder if these numbers are what they are, at least the expectations are what they are because so many more people are now shopping online? how does that factor into everything? >> well, you know, online is a very big deal. let's, you know, the numbers right now are showing about a 15% increase on online retail shopping, or holiday shopping, pardon me. but, you know, the bricks and mortar stores are still important, all of the online shopping, only adds up to about 12% of all holiday shopping, but i do a little bit online, and i'm going to be looking at some of the sites, i just found in my
10:47 am
research, one called cyber, as you know, this coming up monday is cyber monday, the kickoff off the internet holiday shopping season. >> i love the kickoffs as though people are waiting, i'm not going to do anything until cyber monday, i think the whole psychology of shopping has changed. people are just used to shopping how and where and when they want, ne don't necessarily need these black friday or cyber monday sales, they're going to do it when they want to do it and a lot of people know the longer they wait, the better the bargains might get. >> well, i think you know, we've seen -- remember, we're still in a challenging economy and we still have a large, large, large amount of people unemployed or underemployed and i think that now that we've been in this, you know, recession or minor recovery, money is still tight. you know, i think people are going to wait, as you said. i think you hit the nail on the head and i think they're going to wait or the at least make sure they're getting the
10:48 am
very best bargain they can. >> well, i got an e-mail from a company that i had ordered from online today, letting me know that i had 48 hours to take advantage of whatever sales they were offering and you kind of have to laugh, look, they're doing what they feel they have to do to try to get you to hit click and place that order, but you know, it's sort of a game between retailers and customers, consumers as well and i wonder, michael, with consumer confidence numbers on the up tick and we've seen that in the last couple of days or so, how that could have an overall effect, maybe if this particular weekend's numbers are a little lower than they've been in the past, maybe we shouldn't look at that as a sign that the whole holiday shopping season is a best? >> well, i completely agree with you on that, consumers sentiment and the various metrics involved in those numbers, they're really directly related to the consumer's wallet and how the consumer feels about their
10:49 am
financial situation and the job situation, the fact that those numbers are very, very much at highs over the-- compared to say the last 12 months, i think that bodes very well to the shopping season and i agree with you, i think, you know, the shopping season is two days longer this year with thanksgiving falling a little bit earlier. >> that could help, too. >> that could play-- >> michael seymour is the founder and president-- sorry to cut you off, we're out of time-- uni, thank you, michael. >> thank you for having me. >> heather: the worst year for the west nile virus, coming up, why the increase?
10:50 am
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>> welcome back. a shocking new report claims 2012 will be the america's worst year ever for the west nile virus, more than 2600 people suffering brain damage from the virus and at least 234 have died. dr. david somati vice-chairman of the urology and mount sinai medical center. why the rise in west nile? >> this is one of the worst number because this spring and
10:54 am
summer was the hottest that we've had. perfect for the mosquitos to grow. they're getting the virus from birds and carry to humans and that's how, that's what happens. the big concern about this, for the first time we see a lot of cases of meningitis and encephalitis, inflammation of the brain and a lot of times the mosquitos may cause headache, feverish and body ache and may not know you have it. and this year there seems to be an evolution happening here and getting very sick. you really want to protect yourself and that's going on. the good news that if you get this, you will be immune, so the chance of getting it a second time is very low. >> what is the difference that you go from just being bitten and not really noticing that you have it and then becoming immune, and then reaching these further levels that can lead to death and brain damage? >> excellent question. it really depends on the type of virus that you're going to get. there are different types,
10:55 am
some are very mild and some are invasive and cause brain damage and et cetera. you won't know. a lot has to do with your immune system and the type of virus that you'll get. and again, part of it is because we don't have a real good treatment to take care of it. so, if you have any of the symptoms you want to make sure that you check yourself in the hospital or if you've had any mosquito bites, but in order to protect yourself. there are things we can do. >> like what? how would you prevent getting bitten by one of the mosquitos and getting so sick? >> well, the mosquitos show up at dawn and dusk, the time that you want to try to stay away from the mosquitos. any kind of outdoor water that's standing, it's a perfect environment for mosquitos, and you want to drain that. make sure you spray yourself. look at this spray that has this d.e.e.t., it's a main component and chemical that you need in the sprays to protect yourself against the mosquitos. >> it's safe to spray young kids with d.e.e.t.? >> it is, and there's any kind of allergy systems or immune
10:56 am
system, rick, i'm glad you brought it up. talk to your pediatrician before you do that. >> prevention is the key since there's no vaccine available at this point. >> absolutely. unfortunately, 13 states, mostly southern states and new york going to be part of it. stay away from mosquitos. >> thank you very much, dr. >> good to see you. >> happy holidays. >> thank you very much. >> rick: thank you for joining us, i'll see you six o'clock. >> heather: and i'll see you 4 to 6 right before you and thank you for watching in the and the journal editorial report is up next. the capital one cash rewards card gives you 1% cash back on all purchases, plus a 50% annual bonus. and everyone...but her likes 50% more cash. but i'm upping my game. do you want a candy cane? yes! do you want the puppy? yes! do you want a tricycle? yes! do you want 50 percent more cash?
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